I’m Doing It

The Needed a serious dose of motivation and here it is.  Starting tomorrow, nothing but clean eating with Whole 30 approved foods.  Now why would I want to cut out so many of the foods that I enjoy and are touted as healthy (and not so healthy in bulk...sugar)?  Because I can and because this girl is living from the sampler platter of life.  The platter just got a little smaller and more manageable.  I find I do well with self imposed boundaries, time frames, and goals.  I will also be using the newly published Primal Blueprint 90 day journal.  Most of my tracking will be done in the journal with a few trips to this blog along the way.  My goals are not to loose weight and reduce bodyfat, though I expect it will happen to some degree.  The 2 goals I am focusing on is to reduce overall pain in my body and to induce more and better quality sleep--8 hours to be exact!  Also exercising smarter, not harder, and just experiencing the challenge.  So far I have been cooking up a storm.  This is not unusual but the recipes are unique and stimulating.  Well fed is the cookbook I am using and Michael is also enjoying the wonderful aromas drifting from the kitchen (yes, he can smell now.  Some sort of spontaneous healing has occurred).  So tomorrow begins 30 days, possibly the entire 90 days depending on how I feel.

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Starting Over

Sounds like the title to a country western song or an overly read book.  Slipped off the primal wagon a few months back.  Definitely when I was in Texas ( first 3 days primal and then whoa Nelly–everything carb came to momma).  Once fallen, I continued to eat the primal foods I enjoyed and paired them up with cookies, diet coke, and bread.  Oh my.  I feel swollen and bloated, not to mention decreased motivation and the need for false energy–caffeine.  Well as good things often happen in the midst of a trial, Mark Sisson just released the Primal 90 Day Journal.  Of course I ordered it and am impatiently waiting the delivery (hopefully by Monday).  I love a plan and this looks like it will be both motivating and a journey of discovery (sounds right up my alley).  In the meantime I will again stock up and prepare some primal meals.  It is easy to get derailed when not at home and we have been gone quite a bit on the weekends.  Excuses aside, I am ready to get back to feeling greaaaaat!

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Fanatic Unraveling

Traveling is tough. From day to day–not knowing what food choices will be available, what mood I will be favoring, and what company I will be keeping. Ultimately, I make the choices. Unfortunately, not all my recent choices have been stellar. The day I flew to Austin, I was amazed that after having no breakfast (coffee and cream only) I needed nothing at either the airport or on the plane. Emergency food wasn’t even thought of. I was flying and dozing on only 3 hours of sleep but the belly was quite and headaches absent. When my group did go to dinner I made Primal choices and went to bed satisfied. Next morning I enjoyed a Primal breakfast.  Breakfast seems to be the easiest traveling meal though I am sure the bacon is not nitrite free nor the eggs dropped from free range hens. Lunch was pretty much on track until the desserts and then a nibble or two didn’t really seem to unravel the day. Not hard to leave the breads, grains and potatoes out but the dinner desserts really looked tasty and amidst the “yumms” and “ahhhhs”– I felt defenseless and vulnerable. After 2 glasses of wine, I was done for. I even succumbed to the M & M’s that were left in my room by a well meaning friend. I told myself that I could just count this as a free day and get it all over with in 24 hrs. It doesn’t always work that way. Once on the slippery slope one might as well be willing to slide a bit before gaining a sure foot. This mornings Primal breakfast was followed by a peppermint patty at the airport. I sense recovery will be complete by tomorrow morning when I am again in control of what is handy and ready for hand to mouth. Then it will be off to New Mexico (thank heavens Tara is a conscious cook) for more fun and fanatic unraveling.

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Seriously, I just liked the look, feel and taste of the title.  Roll it  around on our tongue for a while.  Say it to someone (use inflection) and note the reaction.  If for nothing else than to be playful and spontaneous.

Yes and yes and occasionally are the answers to–Still Primal, feeling great, and eating treats.  Can’t really pass up, no let me rephrase, do not Choose to pass up my daughters wonderful homemade goodies.  Though I can still count on the fingers of one hand my indulgences into the bliss of her baking adventures.

Pure enjoyment includes eating slow and savoring each meal created in my own kitchen.  Chicken curry is a staple, served over cauliflower mash or spaghetti squash.  Big ass salads, covered with fresh chopped veggies and herbs and dolloped with home made feta cheese.  Kombucha is still perking and keifer grains are putting out.  If your curious, I’ll fill you in on all the details.  All in all, Primal remains easy (though I did fall over to the dark side one night ((popcorn and jelly bellys)) when I wasn’t feeling well.) Warded off the 5 day flu with about a day and a half of achy bones and queasy tummy.  Otherwise feeling arrrrrhumphly fantatsic.

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Stay Out of my Kitchen

Whoa, was I in a frenzy this morning.  From 8:30 – 1:30, I was cooking up a storm.  We picked up a Bountiful Basket this week.  Michael ordered a basket and the Asian pack.  We towed home–1 large Bok Choy, 1 large Nappa cabbage, 2 yellow onions, 7 fresh water chestnuts, 20 brussel sprouts, 1 eggplant, a bunch of basil, 1 head butterleaf lettuce, 3 green peppers, 5 Anaheim chilis, 2 cucumbers, 1 head broccoli, 6 apples, 4 bananas, 6 kiwi, 1 pineapple, 1 cantaloupe and 2 mango.  Asian lettuce wraps, chicken curry, broccoli soup, and mashed potato salad later– the food had made a bountiful transition from fresh to our refrigerator and ready for the week.  One of the things I love about living is good food, prepared with love, and healthy for the body.  Eating primal has it’s benefits, it is tasty and once prepared, easy to transport.  My body is satiated by the meals and sometimes I am not even all that hungry.  Energy level is tops, mood swings much less, and overall–“I FEEL GOOD”.  I am again enjoying fruit with berries and apples leading the list.  Next–Kiwi and mango on some full fat yogurt.  YUMMMM.

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Fooled you.  I did not take a vacation from my primal endeavor.  Rather, I took primal on vacation and it was easier than I thought.  Primal snacks (what used to be emergency food as blood sugars plummeted) were easy to carry (string cheese, macadamia nuts), meat-full meals were plentiful on most menus, and Whole Foods was just around the corner.  By in large it was a snap, though I did get hungry at one point and my dear husband caught the sharp snap of Debbie gone wild (in a non primal way that is).

Followed the primal blueprint of play and movement by taking 2 Nia classes at Eight Elements West in La Jolla. Hubby also satisfied my thrift shopping passion and I his driving delight.  We really compliment each other in so many ways.

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Still on track to complete 3 weeks of primal fitness without any undue effects…no gallbladder attacks, cholesterol bumps or weight gain.  I feel great.  Started with a cold the other day only to curb it with yogi tea and half and half–much richer than using soy but oh so delicious.  Whipped up some kale chips this morning.  Another great way to add more greens and a super munchie food.  I have noticed when I am triggered into emotional eating (usually in the afternoon, post morning frenzy at the cancer center).  I sense I stuff things in my mouth in an effort to swallow emotions related to assisting people in their journey through cancer.  Because I am not “hungry” I can more easily recognize the signs.  I actually went 6 hours without thinking about food and on Valentine’s Day.  I sense when I need to eat by the way I feel, not by some time clock on the wall.

First primal workout was tough.  Push-ups, modified pull-ups, squats, and plank completed the fab 4 exercises.  All body weight and invigorating (even if I had to help my arms function in the shower).

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